Now Offering DIY Cabinet Painting

Get ready to transform your kitchen! With our DIY Plus program you can give your kitchen the sprucing up it deserves without having to leave home. DIY Plus Cabinet Painting is a 100% contactless process where our team of Kitchen Tune-Up experts helps you get a stellar look from your cabinet painting project.

Repainting your kitchen cabinets is the perfect “Spring Cleaning”…

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Now Offering DIY Closets

Closets can be so much more than the room you hastily throw all your shoes and coats into to make it look like you’ve cleaned. You may think your closet is too cramped to ever truly be organized, but really all you need is the right tools!

At Kitchen Tune-up, we have the perfect cabinet accessory or cabinet organizer to pair with…

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Now Offering DIY Cabinet Accessories & Organizers

Clutter holding you back? Cooking can seem a lot less fun when removing a vital utensil from a cupboard puts you at risk of a dish avalanche. At first glance you may think you don’t have the cabinet space, but you probably do!

Many people just aren’t using the space they do have in their kitchens efficiently. That’s why we provide more than…

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Now Offering DIY Garage Cabinets

Garage looking a bit like your junk drawer exploded? We’re here to help you tackle one of the most dreaded home projects: organizing your garage so that you can hope to fit all your vehicles inside it once more.

Our name might be Kitchen Tune-Up, but that’s never stopped us from transforming a garage into something special. With our cabinet expertise, we…

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Kitchen Tune-Up Now Offers a DIY Plus Program

At Kitchen Tune-Up, we’ve always prided ourselves on innovation and creativity. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’re with you through these unprecedented times through our newest service: DIY Plus.

We want you to be able to create the kitchen of your dreams even if we can’t be there in person to do it. So we’re making DIY projects and supplies…

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