Bring Your Kitchen Into the Modern Era By Adding a Charging Station

There’s no denying that we live in a digital age. Cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices dominate our lives and provide access to information, entertainment, and communication. However, making sure these devices stay charged can be a challenge. Adding electronics access during a kitchen update is the perfect way to avoid the clutter and chaos of charging multiple devices.

Our favorite updating solutions include:

  • Access holes One of the simplest ways to increase access to electronics in your kitchen is to add access holes in the countertops. These holes are most often found on computer desks but can also be utilized throughout the home. These holes simply provide you the ability to hide cords and are often installed alongside other charging solutions.
  • Power strips Installing a power strip in your kitchen instantly increases the amount of available outlets for charging your electronic devices. It can be permanently installed in a charging drawer, within a wall unit, or attached to the underside of a countertop. Make sure the power strip is installed near access holes to increase ease of use.
  • Charging drawer A dedicated drawer in your kitchen designed specifically for charging electronics may provide the perfect access solution for your busy family. To create a charging drawer a power strip is simply added to the back of the drawer and plugged in via an access hole. Many homeowners love the idea of a charging drawer because once it is closed the cords and potential chaos are neatly tucked away.
  • Wall charging unit Similar to the charging drawer, the wall charging unit is one of our favorite kitchen updating tips. You can transform the function of a standard upper cabinet by adding an outlet on the wall behind it and then housing charging devices inside of it.

We can modify cabinets or drawers to accommodate a charging station with a 1 Day Tune-Up Wood Restoration, cabinet refacing, redooring, or custom cabinets project. Find a location near you by vising

Kitchen Tune-Up - Drawer Charging Station  Kitchen Tune-Up Charging Drawer
Kitchen Tune-Up Wall Charging Unit