Save Some Cabinet Space by Making Better Use of Kitchen Drawers

The kitchen is likely the busiest room in your house and can easily fall into organizational disarray. Cabinets start to overflow, drawers are filled with a mishmash of utensils, and shelves become cluttered. A great way to cut through this potential disorganization and bring order to the kitchen is to create dedicated kitchen drawers. 
Customized drawers are one of the hottest kitchen updating tips right now. Creating drawer space to hold your essential items makes the kitchen more efficient and organized. Consider drawers dedicated to:

  • Kitchen knives: A shallow drawer is an ideal location for kitchen knives. A slotted wood block securely holds each of your knives and helps prevent dull blades and cut fingers. 
  • Glassware: You can easily store glassware upside down on nonslip drawer liners.  Make sure the drawer provides enough clearance for even your tallest glasses. We recommend using a soft-touch drawer that won’t jam or jostle the glasses. 
  • Pots and pans: One of the greatest benefits of using drawers for pots and pans is the ability to store them alongside their lids. Deep drawers pull out to showcase all of your pots and pans and lids can stand up vertically at the back of the drawer in their own custom space. 
  • Cutting board: Not actually a drawer, a pull-out cutting board makes prep work simple. Consider installing several pull-out cutting boards on top of one another to make prep work even easier for big meals. 
  • Vertical storage: Cutting boards and cookie sheets can be difficult to store. A simple solution is to install vertical storage in your kitchen. Yes, a simple cabinet will work but a drawer makes the vertical storage even easier to access.
      If you’re considering an update to your kitchen or have questions about storage solutions, contact us today. From 1 Day Wood Restoration to cabinet redooring, refacing, and new cabinets, let us customize a solution for your space and budget. Custom drawers can be included in any kitchen or bathroom project to improve the functionality of your space.  Click here to find franchise nearest you.