Countertops are an essential part of the look for your kitchen. So how do you choose the right material for your space, style, and budget? We want you to be an informed consumer and have compiled easy-to-understand information on various countertop choices that are available. Kitchen Tune-Up does not manufacture countertops; however each location has many different countertop choices ranging from local fabricators to national vendors. Your local franchise can help you decide on which countertop material is best for you.

Top Countertop Choices:


Laminate countertops are moderately durable and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Laminate is an inexpensive option which makes it popular for those who want to change the look and feel of their kitchen without the permanence and investment of more expensive materials.

Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops are man-made and practically maintenance free. These countertops are available in hundreds of colors and can come in certain finishes such as dull or glossy. In addition, solid surface isn’t as expensive as some other countertops. The price depends on the color and style you choose.  Also, the option for seamless corners makes solid surface a popular choice.


Granite is a natural stone that has a smooth, natural look, making it one of the more popular choices for kitchens. It comes in an assortment of shades and patterns. Granite is an expensive option, and it also requires care and maintenance. Ask about our Granite Tune-Up service to clean, seal, and polish natural stone countertops.


Quartz is a more expensive alternative to granite. Quartz has become a more popular option in kitchens since it is extremely durable, long-lasting, and nearly maintenance free. Quartz is considered an engineered stone and is FDA approved for food preparation. It is scratch resistant and never needs sealing or polishing – simply clean with warm water. It is also nonporous so staining liquids and bacteria are not absorbed.