How a Kitchen Tune-Up Update can Help You Sell Your Home


Looking to sell your house? You’ve surely heard some version of this: “Remodel the kitchen! Buyers expect great-looking kitchens.” Before you invest in a total overhaul, consider whether you’ll get buyers’ attention--and save money--by making a few selected upgrades instead.  

“A Few Smart Renovations”

House Beautiful found that the average kitchen renovation cost around $25,000 in 2020. But most sellers recoup only 54 percent to 77 percent of what they spend on any kitchen renovations. If you’re remodeling solely because you think a kitchen remodel will help sell your house, be aware that you won’t recoup all of your investment. Instead, make targeted upgrades with “mass appeal” rather than doing renovations a new owner might change anyway. “Every buyer wants something different,” says

Small Changes, Big Impact

The right updates, not necessarily the biggest ones, attract buyers. House Beautiful and renovation experts note that sellers can get the most bang for fewer bucks by focusing on specific changes:

  • Cabinets. Cabinets are the kitchen feature that looks outdated most quickly. But sellers don’t always need to replace cabinets outright. Refacing or repainting cabinets costs far less than replacing them, is easier on the homeowner living with the renovation, and can have a big visual impact.
  • Hardware. Even without a cabinet upgrade, simply changing the cabinet handles and pulls can make the kitchen look fresher, notes.
  • Countertops. Durable, man-made quartz countertops are highly popular. Investing in quartz can be a solid bet. But quartz is pricier than other options like laminate, so choose wisely if you decide replacing countertops is the way to go.
  • “Statement” pieces. If the rest of the kitchen works, consider whether just a few simple but eye-catching upgrades will grab attention. Faucets look dated almost as quickly as cabinets, so start with a new faucet. Consider adding new lighting fixtures, or replacing flooring.

Tune Up Before You Sell

Kitchen Tune-Up specializes in cost-effective options. If you’re thinking of making changes to attract buyers, look at Kitchen Tune-Up’s services including:

  • Cabinet redooring: Replacing doors and drawer fronts with updated styles. No demolition needed!
  • Cabinet refacing: Replacing doors and drawer fronts plus refacing cabinet frames.
  • Cabinet painting: Refreshing existing cabinets with a professional paint job.
  • The Tune-Up: Revitalizing wood cabinets so they look like new.

In conjunction with one of the services listed above, Kitchen Tune-Up can replace countertops, install flooring--or handle a full remodel. If you want to increase your house’s appeal, talk to your nearest Kitchen Tune-Up today.

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