Kitchen Tune-Up Uplifts and Upgrades Arizona Family's Kitchen Set

These Franchise locations across the Phoenix market: Kitchen Tune-Up Gilbert, AZ Kitchen Tune-Up Northwest Valley, AZ, Kitchen Tune-Up Phoenix Central Valley, and Kitchen Tune-Up Tempe Ahwatukee, AZ,  recently collaborated to revamp the kitchen set for the Arizona Family Local News Channel. You read that right—imagine the buzz and excitement as the team worked tirelessly to create a brand-new, functional kitchen space, complete with running water, for the local news channel.

If you're curious to see the transformation unfold, make sure to check out the exclusive details and video segments provided by Arizona Family here:

Kitchen Tune-Up: Masters of Transformation

When it comes to kitchen makeovers, the Kitchen Tune-Up team are the masters of their craft. With a keen eye for design and a knack for innovation, these experts know just how to breathe new life into any kitchen space, whether it's in a home or in a professional setting like a news channel studio.

The Challenge: Uplifting Arizona Family's Kitchen Set

Arizona Family, a beloved local news channel, needed a kitchen set that not only looked great on camera but also functioned seamlessly for their daily broadcasts. That's where Kitchen Tune-Up stepped in to take on the challenge.


Collaboration and Creativity in Action

Led by their passion for creating stunning yet practical kitchen spaces, the team of franchisees in Phoenix collaborated closely with Arizona Family to bring their vision to life. From brainstorming ideas to selecting the perfect materials – Diamond Shaker door style in the color Mist for the upper cabinets and Diamond Shaker door style in Sage Green for the base cabinets; every step of the process was infused with creativity and expertise.

The Transformation Unveiled

After weeks of meticulous planning and hard work, the moment finally arrived—the grand unveiling of Arizona Family's new kitchen set. With cameras rolling and excitement in the air, viewers tuned in to witness the breathtaking transformation unfold before their eyes.


A Kitchen Set Like No Other

Featuring stylish cabinetry, and a fully functional sink with running water, Arizona Family's new kitchen set is nothing short of spectacular. Whether it's cooking demonstrations, interviews, or interactive segments, this versatile space is ready to shine on screen.

Gratitude and Excitement

As the applause dies down and the cameras stop rolling, one thing is clear—this collaboration between Kitchen Tune-Up and Arizona Family has set a new standard for kitchen makeovers. With a   mix of gratitude and excitement, both teams look forward to the countless moments of creativity and connection that will unfold in this revamped kitchen set.  

Be sure to check out the full story and video segments by clicking here: Arizona Family: Arizona's Family is Getting a New Kitchen Set with Running Water.

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