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If you’re considering the allure of an outdoor kitchen, you’re not alone. Outdoor kitchens are increasingly sought-after, especially as the Summer season approaches. However, designing an outdoor kitchen involves more than meets the eye.

Similar to indoor kitchens, outdoor kitchens come in various styles and aesthetics. Having a clear vision of the style you desire before enlisting the help of a company like Kitchen Tune-Up is advisable. Here are a few outdoor kitchen styles to ignite your imagination:

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Basic Patio Kitchen

True to its name, a basic patio kitchen is a standard kitchen setup on an outdoor patio. Typically equipped with a grill, sink, and in-counter refrigerator, it’s favored by those new to outdoor kitchens who prefer starting small. These setups are easy to install, relatively budget-friendly, and don’t occupy much space.

One of the key advantages of a patio kitchen is its resilience against the elements. When constructed under a patio roof, it benefits from reduced exposure to harsh sunlight, protection from rainfall, and fewer leaves finding their way in from surrounding trees.

Eat-In Patio Kitchen

An eat-in patio kitchen offers all the perks of a basic patio kitchen and more. Beyond weather protection, it offers a superior space for entertaining guests. While typically featuring a fireplace and other enjoyable features, the standout characteristic is the inclusion of a central table as the focal point of the design. This layout encourages socialization and creates a cozy atmosphere for outdoor dining experiences.

Whether you opt for a basic patio kitchen or indulge in an eat-in setup, outdoor kitchens are a fantastic addition to any home, combining functionality with the joys of outdoor living. By choosing a style that suits your needs and preferences, you can create an outdoor oasis perfect for entertaining friends and family or simply enjoying a peaceful evening under the stars.

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U-Shaped Kitchen

U-shaped designs have long been a favorite for indoor kitchens, especially for those with a bit of extra budget. This popularity extends to outdoor kitchens as well, particularly in yards with limited space. U-shaped layouts are valued for their space optimization.

In outdoor settings, U-shaped kitchens provide ample counter space without isolating the cooking area from the rest of the yard. They also offer more room for appliances, allowing for luxuries like a wine fridge or dishwasher if desired.

Island Kitchen

The layout of an outdoor island kitchen mirrors that of its indoor counterpart. However, the defining feature here is the island itself. Instead of an expanse of water, the island comprises freestanding counters or cabinets. Islands are designed to complement the overall style of the kitchen while offering additional space for prep work, seating, storage, and more.

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Outdoor Bar

Another sought-after outdoor kitchen design is the one that seamlessly transitions into a bar area. This type of setup can adopt the layout of any other outdoor kitchen style with similar features, but with a focus on accommodating alcohol-related accessories.

Bar kitchens come equipped with shelves and refrigerators designed to store drinks or ingredients, along with a bar counter accompanied by stools. These kitchens are typically favored by individuals who frequently host parties rather than those who prioritize large family meals or gatherings.

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Outdoor Bar Variants

1. Sports bar

An outdoor sports bar is almost identical to a basic outdoor bar. The differences can be easy to miss if you aren’t looking for them. The main thing is a TV, which will almost always be tuned to sports. You might also add sports memorabilia and decorations to support your favorite teams.

 2. Swim-up bars

Swim-up bars combine a full outdoor kitchen and an outdoor bar. They include all of the necessities that an outdoor kitchen has, plus a double-sided bar. One side faces an above-ground pool, and the other faces the rest of the kitchen. That way, you won’t have to take a break from a cool, relaxing swim to get a refreshment on a hot summer day.

3. Curved bars

Lastly, we have curved bars. They are the same as any other bar except that the bar counter is curved rather than straight. This can offer a few different benefits, the main one being that you can seat more people with less space overall.

What to do Once you Decide on an Outdoor Kitchen

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