DIY Garage Cabinets

Even though kitchen is our first name, we specialize in cabinets for any room of your home or business, including the garage! The garage is often dubbed “the last room in the house,” but with a large focus on organization across the entire home right now, it doesn’t have to be. The garage is not just a place to keep your car and totes of storage or sporting equipment. It can be where you create, build, and repair and it often needs to serve many different purposes. Installing versatile storage systems designed to fit your family’s needs and lifestyle will help keep your garage functional.

The Do-It-Yourself

  • Wait for your order to arrive.
  • Follow instructions to install (average time is 30 minutes for the first cabinet, and 10 minutes for each additional cabinet).
  • Enjoy!

The Plus:

  • Virtual consultation to discuss the size and needs of your garage. We will help you choose the best configuration and color for your space using our Planning Your Garage Storage Guide.
  • We order the products for you. Our partnership with the cabinet supplier allows you access to options and prices that are not offered at other stores.
  • Our team is available for video calls to walk you through the installation process.

How It Works:

The process starts with an initial phone or video consultation and we will walk you through the Planning Your Garage Storage Guide to help you determine the best cabinets and configuration for your garage. You will get to choose from one of the five colors (below) which are based on the five most popular car colors so you can match your car or make it pop!

We do all the ordering for you. The cabinets are shipped within a week, sometimes within 72 hours, depending on the cabinets you choose.

Once they arrive, you will put the cabinets together and place them in your garage. Any issues, and we are just a phone call away.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! These cabinets are great in the garage, but also anywhere else in your house you need a durable workspace and storage. There are great opportunities to save as you buy pre-bundled sets. So, gather your family or neighbors and buy together to save money and have matching garages!

Find a location near you today to begin your DIY Plus project with Kitchen Tune-Up!