A Heartwarming Kitchen Transformation: Mama Rena's Story

At Kitchen Tune-Up, we not only transform kitchens but also have the privilege of meeting incredible individuals like Mama Rena, whose story touched our hearts deeply. It all began when Mama Rena's son, a satisfied customer of Kitchen Tune-Up of Denver, recommended our services for her kitchen remodeling project. Little did we know that this encounter would lead to a heartwarming journey of collaboration and giving back to the community.

Kitchen Consultant, Courtney Sanders, arrived at Mama Rena's house for her consultation, and was greeted by Rena’s warm and welcoming demeanor. As they discussed her kitchen makeover, Mama Rena shared a unique aspect of her life that added a special touch to their collaboration.

Mama Rena, a sweet and spirited woman, expressed her concern about not wanting to be without her kitchen for too long. When Courtney inquired further, she revealed the reason: Mama Rena is on a mission to feed the homeless. Every other week, she selflessly prepares meals, serving a variety that includes a meat dish, chips, fruit, and dessert. What makes her efforts even more remarkable is that, at over 80 years old, she does all the cooking by herself, relying only on a volunteer to help distribute the food at an outdoor location. Kitchen Tune-Up of Denver was able to assist in a kitchen transformation that was shorter than a full remodel with our cabinet painting service. This was a great solution for Mama Rena to have the update she desired, while still having the ability to prepare meals.

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This inspiring endeavor began as a way for Mama Rena to cope with the loss of her husband. Initially serving once a week, she has continued her mission despite some challenges. While she initially funded the project mostly on her own, Mama Rena's story gained attention through news coverage and her church, resulting in increased support through food donations.

The turning point in Mama Rena's journey came when Kathryn and Paul Jost, Owners of Kitchen Tune-Up of Denver, learned about her story. Kathryn was planning a food drive at their Denver Showroom and instantly recognized Mama Rena as the perfect recipient of their support.

After sharing Mama Rena's touching story with Kathryn, Kitchen Tune-Up of Denver, embarked on a mission to contribute to her cause. The decision was made to present Mama Rena with a $500 gift card to aid in her mission of feeding the homeless. When they delivered the gift card, Mama Rena was moved to tears. It was the largest donation she had received, and her gratitude was palpable.

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Not only did they have the privilege of enhancing Mama Rena's kitchen, but they also had the opportunity to contribute to her noble cause. Mama Rena's dedication to serving others is a testament to the power of kindness, and Kitchen Tune-Up is grateful to be a part of her journey.

At Kitchen Tune-Up, we believe that every kitchen tells a unique story, and Mama Rena's is one of resilience, generosity, and the transformative power of a caring community.

To learn more about Mama Rena and her story, view her Denver7 interview here.

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