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Refresh your cabinet doors with cabinet painting by Kitchen Tune-Up! Changing your existing cabinets with a new paint color is an affordable option that breathes fresh life into your favorite room in the house--and our expert renovators are eager to help you get started.

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Give your kitchen cabinets a makeover with on-trend cabinet paint colors from Kitchen Tune-Up! Painting your kitchen cabinets a new color can create a dramatically modern look, even more so if you change out the hardware at the same time. Increase the value and enjoyment of your home cost-effectively with cabinet painting by Kitchen Tune-Up.  

Before & After Cabinet Painting

The projects you see here are all real kitchen remodeling jobs, in homes like yours. They aren't fantasy pictures of designer showrooms—they’re kitchens families use every day. These painted cabinets, by Kitchen Tune-Up locations around the country, show how we tailor remodeling to fit homeowners’ unique needs and realistic budgets! You’ll see how each kitchen looked before, and how that same space looks now with a fresh new coat of paint. Why do we always show you both the kitchen remodel before and after versions? We want you to see for yourself just how much difference home improvement services from Kitchen Tune-Up can make.

Cabinet painting project in the suburbs of Houston, TX. The original wood cabinets were painted bright alabaster, leaving the island as is for contrast. New subway tile backsplash was also installed to match this newly lightened kitchen.  

These clients in Sugar Land, TX wanted their dark oak cabinets painted, but the wood had a heavy grain. Kitchen Tune-Up to the rescue! A grain-minimizing solution covered up the wood grain, and then the cool alabaster covered the wood beautifully, making the whole kitchen lighter. For contrast, the island got a coat of a delicious shade called “sweet molasses.” Everything complements the existing countertops and backsplash!  

A current cabinet painting project favorite. The original kitchen had beautiful dark cabinets, but the homeowners were ready for a change with more color. The cabinet doors were painted white, and the stunning island was painted a complementary dried thyme. The gold hardware and subway tile backsplash topped off this transformation, which won system-wide accolades for project of the month.  

A new coat of paint completely transformed this kitchen space. The existing shaker doors were given a creamy white layer of paint on the cabinet surface to make the room profoundly brighter and more inviting while matching all other elements of the original kitchen.  

Cabinet painting is just one of 4 ways our team can change the color of the kitchen. The wood-to-white transformation in this quaint kitchen took the room from dated to fresh. New hardware topped it all off.  

Is painting the right choice for my cabinets?

If your cabinet boxes are in good, solid condition and you’re happy with the current style of your cabinets and the layout of your kitchen, this may be a good option for you. Painting is the most affordable way to change the overall look of your kitchen. The most common cabinets that homeowners want painted are oak. Please note that the heavy graining of this wood type can sometimes make it challenging to paint them without any of the grain showing through.

Similar to painting your walls, painted cabinets are prone to nicks, dings, and scratches from everyday use. If you are looking for a solution that will last approximately 2-5 years (depending on the use of your kitchen), this might be the right option for you. If you are looking for a more durable and long-lasting change in your space, consider our cabinet redooring or refacing services.



Painting is the most affordable way to change the overall look of your kitchen, and a good option if you like the style of your current cabinets. 


Quality Results

When you trust Kitchen Tune-Up to paint your cabinets, you are hiring trusted kitchen experts who will bring your vision to life. Cabinet painting allows for a big transformation of your existing cabinetry.  


Fast & Clean

When your cabinets are being painted, the doors and drawer fronts are taken off-site for approximately one week. This keeps the mess to a minimum and provides a quick turnaround.

The cabinet painting process involves removing all of your cabinet doors and drawer boxes, and then prepping them for painting. We clean any residue or build-up and fix minor defects in the wood. The doors and drawer fronts are then professionally primed and painted off-site. We will also prep the cabinet boxes and face frames and apply new matching panels or primer and paint in the color of your choice. We then reinstall all of the doors and drawer boxes. Depending on the type of cabinets you have, in some kitchens, the hinges can be updated to a more modern style if requested. Adding new knobs and handles can also create a more modern look.  

Painting your cabinets is an affordable solution to changing your cabinet color. However, it is not a long-lasting solution. It is less expensive than redooring and refacing, but redooring and refacing include the installation of all new doors and drawer fronts, custom-made to fit your kitchen in a new color and style of your choice.  

Our process keeps mess to a minimum on most projects. Cabinet painting typically takes about five days, which means you can update your kitchen in time for an upcoming event. Cabinet painting is also a popular choice when prepping a home or rental property to place it on the market. When your cabinets are being painted, the doors and drawer fronts are taken off-site for approximately one week.

If you are considering refacing your cabinets, but that doesn’t fit your budget right now, painting cabinets in your kitchen instead is a good way to go if they are good candidates for the service. You can upgrade the cabinet painting service to include the installation of end panels instead of paint on the boxes. Adding end panels improves the appearance of the sides of the cabinet box, and also reduces the time and cost needed for refacing if you have us back in the future. If you decide to reface your cabinets later, we will order and install new cabinet doors, drawer fronts, molding, and veneer to match the existing panels that were installed.  

If you’ve painted walls before and believe that painting kitchen cabinets is similar, then think again. This is a much more complex job with attention to detail needed. If you are short of time or don’t have the patience, you are best to leave it to us here at Kitchen Tune-Up. If you perform a half-hearted job, it’s going to show and the time and resources used will have gone to waste. You’ll only end up hiring professional services, so why not do that from the start and save yourself the headache?

DIY cabinet painting will also be a major disruption. You are going to need somewhere to paint the doors and drawer fronts and leave them to dry. It could mean the kitchen is not accessible until you complete the project. It will all depend on how many cabinets you have to paint, but they can take up a lot of surface area before you know it.  

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Professional Contractors

The benefits of hiring an expert contractor to paint cabinets in your kitchen far outweigh the downsides. However, to help you make an informed decision whether to hire professional cabinet painters or go the DIY route, we’ve listed the pros and cons.  

The Pros


Let’s face it, if you’ve never painted kitchen cabinets before, you are going into uncharted waters. It might be that you have a flair for DIY and painting, and you do a pretty good job. However, for many amateurs the whole project can turn out to be a more difficult and time-consuming stress than expected. Handing the job over to a company that works with cabinets each and every day ensures that the job is completed perfectly. You’ll benefit from their expertise and experience, and the job will be done on time.

Save on tools and equipment

Gathering together all the tools and products you need for the paint job when you do it yourself, takes time and costs money. When you hire the experts, they will have the best equipment and products for the job, and it will be factored into the price. You need to weigh up what purchasing all the supplies needed will cost especially if they are only going to be used once.

Fast results

With all the will in the world, DIY jobs always tend to take much longer than initially envisaged. Life gets in the way and a job that you expected to complete in a few days turns into weeks. If you use a professional contractor such as ourselves, you are guaranteed that we finish painting your cabinets and have them reassembled in your kitchen in around a week.

Quality results

Our professionals take pride in their work and use a tried and tested process to provide you with long-lasting and beautifully painted cabinet doors.

Less disruption

As your kitchen cabinet drawers and doors are painted off-site, you don’t have half-painted or drying cabinet doors lying around for days on end.

The Cons

Although hiring professionals to paint your cabinets can cost more than a DIY job, the peace of mind of knowing you will receive top tier results is worth it. Unless you are on an extremely tight budget, we’d recommend letting the experts do what they know best and save yourself the stress.



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