Transforming a House into a Forever Home: Chris and Aylene’s Kitchen Tune-Up Story

Chris and Aylene bought their house in 2012, feeling the size of the home suited their needs. As 2020 approached, the pandemic struck, and like many of us, Chris and Aylene found themselves spending a lot more time at home with their immediate family. This period of quarantine made them realize how much they loved their house and wanted to update to transform it into their forever home.  

The Vision: A Space to Gather

While they loved the home, the layout of the kitchen wasn’t ideal. The kitchen was segmented into three separate rooms, was dark and it just didn’t work for their family. They envisioned a space that was bright and where they could have family dinners, work remotely and host gatherings. They wanted a kitchen that was open, functional, and inviting—a place that would become the heart of their home. They started saving for their dream kitchen and when they were ready, they started to research kitchen remodeling companies.

Partnering with Kitchen Tune-Up

Knowing about Kitchen Tune-Up, Chris and Aylene decided to reach out to start their project. They were impressed by the company’s reputation and 5 core services, including custom-designed kitchens. They were especially drawn to the timeline for project completion and the attention to detail promised by Kitchen Tune-Up.

Their kitchen consultant, Kathryn Jost, played a crucial role in this transformation. With a keen eye for design and functionality, Kitchen Tune-Up helped Chris and Aylene make informed decisions about the layout and aesthetics of their new kitchen. Kitchen Tune-Up’s diligent communication and detail-oriented approach made the couple feel confident throughout the process.

From Dark and Separated to Bright and Functional

The remodel involved opening up the three separate kitchen rooms into a single, cohesive space. This change allowed for more natural light and created a large, inviting area perfect for family gatherings and social events. The centerpiece of this transformation was a table with bench seating, which quickly became the heart of their home.

The bench seating was a brilliant solution for Chris and Aylene. Unlike a large kitchen island that would be restrictive, the bench seating could accommodate 8-10 people, ideal for family dinners, game nights, and remote work. The built-in storage under the bench also provided much-needed extra space.

Custom Features for a Dream Kitchen

Chris and Aylene’s new kitchen included several custom features that made a big difference. Cabinet lighting, an in-shelf microwave, a built-in trash bin, and floating shelves were thoughtfully integrated into the design. These additions enhanced both the functionality and aesthetics of the kitchen.

As fans of design shows, Chris and Aylene had many ideas for their kitchen. The Kitchen Tune-Up team helped bring these ideas to life, ensuring that every detail was perfect. Chris, who works from home, appreciated how involved and respectful the team was throughout the remodel.

Creating Lifelong Memories

The remodel gave Chris and Aylene a beautiful kitchen; but more importantly it created a space that made their house a home. Whether it’s greeting their kids in the morning, hosting friends, playing games or enjoying family dinners, their new kitchen is as described by Aylene, “a warm and happy” place that suits their lifestyle perfectly.

A Strong Recommendation

Chris and Aylene couldn’t be happier with their experience with Kitchen Tune-Up. They praise the team for being communicative, friendly, and easy to work with. Their incredible transformation is a testament to the skill and dedication of the Kitchen Tune-Up team. Chris and Aylene highly recommend Kitchen Tune-Up to anyone looking to remodel their kitchen, knowing firsthand how a thoughtfully designed space can enhance daily life and create a house into a forever home, filled with love, laughter, and countless cherished moments.

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