Kitchen Inspiration: Enter “Greige”

There are so many ways to design a kitchen. At Kitchen Tune-Up, we’ve got a comprehensive catalog practically bursting with colors for every occasion and materials for every look you could possibly want to create. But all that choice can be a bit much if you don’t know where to start.

That’s where mood boards can come in and help! By assembling your general feelings, you can help better communicate the look you’re going for. For example, what we’ve got here is a very neutral mood board. Lots of off-white and beige colors, even the cabinet is very understated.

Kitchen Inspiration enter Greige fabrics catalog

Kitchen color trends

It’s hard to nail down “the” kitchen color trend of the moment, because there are so many going around, but one of those is something known as greige. Adding grey undertones to lighter colors like beige, green or blue has always been a popular way to add some sophistication to any kitchen. These colors are able to retain a sharp, clean vibe while still looking pleasant and liveable.


So why are neutral kitchen tones so popular? It’s for a couple of reasons. They’re easier to maintain, and they bring an air of traditionality to any kitchen. But the biggest reason why neutral tones like these keep cropping up in the latest kitchen trends is because of their versatility. Pair any accent feature you want with the look from this mood board and it’s going to mix really well.

A bright splash of color on a kitchen island or even some flashier cabinet handles can really shine against a background like this. A neutral starting point lets you decorate using minimal accents to get your aesthetic point across.

If you’d like to see for yourself how well small details shine against a neutral-themed kitchen, take a glance at our handy design tool. Go ahead and plug in any combination you can think of!

Not sold on beige and grey? There’s a lot more kitchen design inspiration out there if you’re looking for it. Check out some of the other mood boards we’ve created, or you can head to the Kitchen Tune-Up project gallery to see some of the work we’ve done firsthand!

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