October is Kitchen & Bath Month!


October is National Kitchen and Bath Month and has been since the National Kitchen & Bath Association created it in 1982. Why did they pick October? Because the summer months are officially behind us and the holidays are just around the corner and homeowners are eager to spruce up their home in preparation for extended houseguests and hosting holiday celebrations. Are you ready to celebrate? Jump on the bandwagon of choosing October as the month to update your kitchen and bath. Kitchen Tune-Up has five service options to enhance your kitchen and we have options to fit any timeline and budget!

If you’re on a tight schedule

We specialize in 1-5 day kitchen updates. We can Tune-Up your wood cabinets in a single day – wake up with your worn-out cabinets and have a dinner party that night to feature your like-new space. Looking for a bigger transformation? We can redoor or reface your cabinets in just a few days, changing your builder-grade oak cabinets to a stylish shaker or sleek slab door – that decision is up to you!

If you’re on a budget

For many homeowners, a big hurdle for remodeling the kitchen is what the investment might be. We specialize in bringing dreams to life for much less than you might think. Did you know that we offer financing and most projects fall between $99 and $249 a month? Your locally owned Kitchen Tune-Up can also provide some average ranges of each of our 5 core services to see which may fit best into your budget!

If you’re looking for inspiration

We know that this may be the only time you are ever going to update your kitchen, so the thought of choosing a style and color seems daunting. Will trends change? Will you still like your choices a year from now? If I sell my house, will others like these cabinets? Design is such a personal preference, but we are the kitchen experts and have remodeled numerous kitchens, so we can show you what others in your neighborhood have done. Ask us to see some pictures of completed kitchens or browse our Project Gallery. Not sure how to pair materials and colors together? Check out some of our recent Mood Board blogs to get inspired!

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Adaptable, Versatile Slab Doors
Subtle Naturals Work with Cottage Chic or Contemporary Cool
Anchoring Your Kitchen With Serious Color

Looking for more inspiration? Our blog features more design inspiration and our Project of the Month winners! If you are ready to join the excitement of National Kitchen and Bath month and update your space, give us a call!

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