Heather, Brian, and Kitchen Tune-Up Akron Canton: A Recipe for Success

In the heart of Stark County, Ohio, Kitchen Tune-Up Akron Canton is making waves in the world of kitchen renovations. Owned and operated by the dynamic duo of Heather Lash and Brian Biddulph, this power couple is not just transforming kitchens; they're weaving stories of community, family, and passion into every project they touch.

Heather, a North Canton native, and Brian, who relocated from Rocky River, found a common ground in their love for home renovations. Both started their journey by flipping homes, a venture that not only honed their skills but also laid the foundation for their future business. Their journey took a significant turn when they decided to renovate their own home from the studs in. This experience fueled their desire to prioritize a business that not only showcased their skills but could also involve their daughter in the future as they always prioritize family. Enter Kitchen Tune-Up—a franchise that perfectly aligned with Brian's long-standing dream of being his own boss

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Heather, with her background as a math teacher and math consultant, brings a meticulous and analytical approach to the business. On the other hand, Brian's experience as a loan officer and realtor complements Heather's skills, creating a dynamic team with a keen eye for both the aesthetic as well as financial aspects of kitchen transformations. Although they are still learning all parts of the operation, they certainly make the perfect team.

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In addition, the duo strives to make every kitchen that comes out of Kitchen Tune-Up Akron Canton a gathering place for families, combining technology and design to craft kitchens that resonate with the homeowners. Their commitment to treating every home with the utmost respect, as if it were their own, has earned them a reputation for excellence. A story that will always remain with them comes from a family that was experiencing a difficult time. Heather and Brian’s team were able to come in and reface their entire space, adding a custom pantry and coffee bar, under cabinet lighting, and new counters and backsplash. It was nice to give them something positive during a difficult time.

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So what are their hopes for the future? Well, in just seven months already, Kitchen Tune-Up Akron Canton, under Heather and Brian's leadership, has helped over 24 customers upgrade their kitchens. With an expansion into the Hudson area and Fairlawn down to Canton, their goals for 2024 include continuing this growth, aiming for two kitchen upgrade projects a week, and establishing a showroom for clients to explore their design possibilities.

Heather and Brian's Kitchen Tune-Up journey is a testament to their resilience, passion, and commitment to providing top-notch service to their community. As they navigate the exciting world of franchise ownership, the Akron Canton area is undoubtedly in for a treat, with these two at the helm of kitchen transformations and heartwarming stories

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