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Get an updated look for your kitchen without the hassle or investment that can come with installing all new cabinets. If you want to update the style or aesthetic of your kitchen without a dramatic change, consider Kitchen Tune-Up's cabinet door replacement services. We'll install new doors and drawer fronts in a specialized process called redooring  


What is Cabinet Redooring?

Cabinet redooring is when we replace your doors and drawer fronts with new, color-matched ones in your choice of style to blend with your existing cabinet boxes. We replace your hinges and offer a wide variety of new pulls and knobs to complete the look. Redooring is a quick and easy way to update your kitchen! 

Here are just a few different drawer options:

  • routed drawer front
  • solid drawer front
  • thermofoil drawer fronts
  • mdf drawer fronts

These are some of our favorite door styles:

  • shaker cabinet door
  • raised panel cabinet door
  • recessed panel slab cabinet door
  • glass ready cabinet door
  • square cabinet door

Kitchen Cabinet Redooring - Before & After

The photos you see here are all real kitchen cabinet redooring projects, in homes like yours. They’re not fantasy pictures of designer showrooms—they’re kitchens families use every day. These cabinet redooring projects, by Kitchen Tune-Up locations around the country, show how we tailor kitchen updates to fit homeowners’ unique needs and realistic budgets! You’ll see how each kitchen looked before, and how that same space looks now. Why do we always show you both the kitchen remodel before and after versions? We want you to see for yourself just how much difference Kitchen Tune-Up can make.

Has normal wear and tear caught up with your cabinets? Are your cabinet drawers worn? Does the wood seem greasy or grimy? Our unique and comprehensive wood reconditioning process called a Tune-Up makes wood look almost like new. It works in the kitchen and on any woodwork throughout your home or business. Ask about Tuning-Up cabinets, drawers, windowsills, banisters, and more. Typically completed in one day, there’s no better way to revitalize interior woodwork than with a Tune-Up.

A Tune-Up is our proprietary wood reconditioning process. We start by separating, then removing, the build-up (dirt, grease, wax, smoke and dust) from the wood’s original finish. Then we touch up and blend the areas where color may have faded and apply a special colorant. Finally, we can treat your kitchen cabinets with a special penetrating oil that restores dried-out wood fibers and/or apply an entirely fresh coat of finish. We’ll have your wood looking like new in no time!

If your wood cabinets look chipped, scuffed, or worn down, the Original Tune-Up wood reconditioning process can restore them to their original beauty and make those kitchen cabinets look good as new again. 

If you have a kitchen cabinet door, drawer front, or other wooden element that looks worn, greasy, or grimy, our unique wood reconditioning process, known as a Tune-Up, can refresh them to look nearly new. This process is suitable for all interior woodwork in your home or business, including cabinets, drawers, windowsills, and banisters. Fast and efficient, our Tune-Up service typically wraps up in just one day, making it the ideal solution to revitalize your interior woodwork without extensive downtime.  

If your cabinet boxes are in good, solid condition and you’re happy with your cabinets’ current color, this may be a good option for you. Installing replacement cabinet doors is a fast way to change your style without overhauling the entire look of your kitchen.

Redooring your cabinets is an extremely affordable option and can save you up to 75% of the cost to replace them compared to a complete renovation with custom cabinetry. 

Our process keeps mess to a minimum on most projects. To install replacement cabinet doors, you will typically need 5 days or less, which means you can freshen up or modernize your kitchen in time for that upcoming dinner party or family gathering.

When you choose skilled and experienced professionals for the task, you can guarantee the highest quality results. Hiring the pros will save you the headaches and stress of doing it yourself. In no more than a couple of days, your cabinet doors will be replaced and ready to use, hassle-free!

With over 35 years in the trade, we have a proven track record of providing excellent service. When you hire us, we listen carefully to your needs and will develop an organized plan that fulfills all the terms agreed upon. We believe customer communication is crucial, so you can expect us to return your calls within 24 hours.

Our experienced expert installers won’t only provide you with excellent results when they install your replacement kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts, they’ll arrive on time and clean up after themselves. They will leave your home as they found it, except for the addition of a beautiful fresh look to your kitchen of course.


Fast & Clean

Installing replacement cabinet doors typically takes 1-2 days, which means you can freshen up your kitchen just in time for that upcoming dinner party or holiday gathering.

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Your Kitchen Uplifted

Replacing your cabinet door and drawer fronts can add an instant update to the look of your kitchen by turning your dated cabinets into fresh new ones.

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Cost Effective

Redooring your cabinets is an extremely cost effective option and can save you up to 75% of the cost to replace them with new custom cabinets.

What are my cabinet choices?

We have a comprehensive range of high-quality kitchen cabinet doors and you are sure to find the perfect match for your kitchen style. There are three main cabinet door styles to choose from: raised panel cabinet doors, recessed panel cabinet doors, and slab panel doors.

Types of Cabinet Doors

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

This type of cabinet door offers a more traditional or ornate look with a raised central panel. Raised panel doors are a great choice for colonial, rustic, or Mediterranean-style kitchens.

Recessed Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If the style of your kitchen is more contemporary or modern, the sleek look of recessed panel kitchen cabinet doors might fit the bill.  However, their minimalistic look means that they can fit in with most styles. As their name suggests, they have a recessed central panel. The most popular type of recessed panel cabinets is shaker cabinets, named after the Quaker breakaway group, the Shakers, who first manufactured this type of cabinet in the 18th Century.

Slab Panel Doors

These are flat kitchen cabinet doors with no panels; they are ideal if you want to emphasize other parts of your kitchen, such as countertops or lighting. And similar to recessed doors, they can complement most kitchen styles. They are also known as European-style cabinet doors, where they have been popular for decades.

Door Catalog

Your personal style is important, and at Kitchen Tune-Up we want your kitchen to match that style. Check out our Door Catalog to find what variation of colors and designs are best for your dream kitchen.

 Door catalog  cabinet redooring

You can also try out our Design Tool to visualize what your new cabinets will look like.

Wood Choices

Kitchen Tune-Up offers a great selection of wood choices, as well as other materials that make great, durable custom cabinets. Talk with your kitchen consultant about the differences and what will be best for your project.   The perfect choice of custom kitchen cabinets will depend on your needs and preferences, but also your budget. If you aren’t sure which type of wood or cabinetry would be the best for you, then don’t be afraid to reach out to us – the consultations with our representatives are completely free! You can also try our Design Tool to visualize what your new cabinets will look like.


Oak has been a popular wood for cabinet and furniture making for many centuries. Oak is perfect for kitchen and bath cabinet doors and will blend in with many different design styles. Oak is a hard and heavy coarse-grained wood with a choice of red and white varieties and stains well in a range of color finishes.


Cherry is a luxury wood that will add warmth to any room. Like a fine wine, kitchen cabinet doors made from cherry will age over time and darken when it is exposed to light. If you are looking for a darker elegant color, cherry could be the wood that matches your style.

Other popular woods that are used for cabinet doors include Alder, Hickory, and Walnut.


Maple is a durable and popular smooth-grained hardwood that is ideal for use in cabinetry. One of the benefits of maple is that it can be finished to resemble more expensive woods like cherry or cedar.

Rigid Thermofoil Cabinet Doors

A cost-effective, durable, and long-lasting alternative to wood doors is Rigid Thermofoil cabinet doors.   RTF doors consist of a Medium Density Fiberboard  (MDF) core with a durable vinyl laminate bonded onto it using heat and pressure. As RTF cabinet doors are layered with colored vinyl, they won’t fade even with years of use. RTF is also non-porous, making it easy to clean up any splatters or spills on your cabinet doors. This is why RFT doors are one of our top sellers; we have them available in many styles and colors, including cream, gray, and white, as well as wood grain colors.  

Are there other redoor options?

If you’re Do-It-Yourself minded and want to change the color of your cabinets, we can supply color-matched paint for you to paint the cabinet frames. We install new cabinet doors and drawer fronts that match your newly painted frames. This is a great choice for those who love a white or bisque-colored kitchen. Then we replace your hinges, pulls, and knobs for a completely new and refreshed look. If you’re looking for a more hands-off option and still want a color change, check out our Cabinet Refacing Services.

Replace vs. Reface?

Should I replace my cabinet doors or reface my cabinets?

Replacing cabinet doors, also known as redooring your cabinet doors means removing old cabinet doors and drawer fronts and replacing them with new ones that match your existing cabinet boxes. Redooring is the most affordable option, but for more aesthetic appeal, you could consider refacing them.

With our cabinet refacing service, we replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and add a new wood veneer to the face of your existing cabinets while keeping your existing cabinet boxes. This totally revitalizes your kitchen’s look without the time and expense required to refit a whole kitchen. Refacing cabinets often only takes five days or less to complete.


Bring Your Vision to Life

Check out our virtual kitchen Design Tool and design your dream kitchen from top to bottom and everything in between; you can move things around, try out different cabinet styles and finishes, choose countertop and flooring options and more. Paint the walls with one click and design the kitchen in your favorite style. 

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