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Revitalize your cabinets with Kitchen Tune-Up's expert cabinet painting services! A fresh new color can transform your kitchen and bring new life to your favorite room. Our skilled kitchen consultants are ready to help you get started on your kitchen makeover today. 

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Looking to update and uplift your current kitchen cabinets? Do you like the layout and door style, just not the color? A fresh coat of paint can transform your kitchen with a modern and fresh look. Enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your home with expert cabinet painting by Kitchen Tune-Up. 

Cabinet Painting Projects 

Cabinet painting offers a versatile and efficient alternative to a complete kitchen remodel, providing a significant transformation in less time and cost associated with a complete custom kitchen. By simply updating the color of your cabinets, along with new hardware, you can achieve a fresh, modern look that revitalizes the entire space. This option allows for creative customization, with endless color choices to suit any style preference. Additionally, cabinet painting is a more environmentally friendly choice, as it minimizes waste by reusing existing cabinetry. The process is quicker and more convenient, allowing homeowners to enjoy their beautifully uplifted kitchen sooner. Overall, cabinet painting is an excellent way to enhance the aesthetic and value of your kitchen while maintaining a practical and more cost-effective approach. View some of our recent cabinet painting projects here. If you are looking for a color change but don’t love your existing door style, cabinet redooring or refacing might be another great option 

Cabinet painting project in the suburbs of Houston, TX. The original wood cabinets were painted bright alabaster, leaving the island as is for contrast. New subway tile backsplash was also installed to match this newly lightened kitchen.  

These clients in Sugar Land, TX wanted their dark oak cabinets painted, but the wood had a heavy grain. Kitchen Tune-Up to the rescue! A grain-minimizing solution covered up the wood grain, and then the cool alabaster covered the wood beautifully, making the whole kitchen lighter. For contrast, the island got a coat of a delicious shade called “sweet molasses.” Everything complements the existing countertops and backsplash!  

A current cabinet painting project favorite. The original kitchen had beautiful dark cabinets, but the homeowners were ready for a change with more color. The cabinet doors were painted white, and the stunning island was painted a complementary dried thyme. The gold hardware and subway tile backsplash topped off this transformation, which won system-wide accolades for project of the month.  

A new coat of paint completely transformed this kitchen space. The existing shaker doors were given a creamy white layer of paint on the cabinet surface to make the room profoundly brighter and more inviting while matching all other elements of the original kitchen.  

Cabinet painting is just one of 4 ways our team can change the color of the kitchen. The wood-to-white transformation in this quaint kitchen took the room from dated to fresh. New hardware topped it all off.  

Is painting the right choice for my cabinets?

Determining if cabinet painting is the right service for you depends on your goals, budget, and the current condition of your cabinets. If you're looking to refresh the look of your kitchen without the costs and extended timelines of a full remodel, cabinet painting, refacing or redooring are excellent choices. These services are perfect for cabinets that are structurally sound but need a cosmetic update. All 3 of these services allow you to explore a wide range of colors and finishes, giving your kitchen a personalized and modern touch. However, if your cabinets are damaged or not structurally sound, replacing them might be more suitable. Consulting with a Kitchen Tune-Up professional can help you assess your specific needs and determine the best approach for achieving your desired kitchen transformation.Schedule your complimentary consultation today to discuss which service is right for you! 

Why Us? 

Our painting process is performed by skilled craftsmen, using state-of-the-art technologies.  The process involves minimal downtime, providing a full restoration of your kitchen cabinets.  

Kitchen Tune-Up uses eco-friendly and family friendly products available in any color and in any finish. 


Budget Friendly

Painting is the more budget friendly way to change the overall look of your kitchen, and a great option if you like the style of your current cabinet doors. 

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Quality Results

When you trust Kitchen Tune-Up to paint your cabinets, you are hiring trusted kitchen experts who will bring your vision to life.Cabinet painting allows for a big transformation of your existing cabinetry.


Efficient & Clean

When your cabinets are being painted, we tape and protect all surfaces within the kitchen. The doors and drawer fronts are taken off-site to be prepped, primed, and painted.This keeps the mess to a minimum and provides a quick turnaround. 

The cabinet painting process involves removing all your cabinet doors and drawer boxes, and then prepping them for painting. We will remove contaminates by de-greasing the cabinets and fix minor defects in the wood. The doors and drawer fronts are taken off-site and prepped, primed, and painted in a controlled environment to assure the best possible results. We then reinstall all the doors and drawer boxes. Depending on the type of cabinets you have, in some kitchens, the hinges can be updated to a more modern style if requested. Adding updated hardware, rollout trays or accessories will also enhance the look and function of your kitchen! 

Painting your cabinets is our most affordable solution to changing your cabinet color. If you desire to change the color and door style, refacing or redooring are great options to consider.With refacing and redooring, you benefit from having newly manufactured doors that are either painted or RTF (ridged thermofoil). RTF is a popular option for those looking for family friendly finishes that feature a seamless construction, color consistency, resistant to staining are easy to maintain and clean. Your Kitchen Tune-Up consultant will work with you in determining what your goals and options are.  

Our process keeps mess to a minimum on most projects. Cabinet painting, in most cases can be completed in under a week, which means you can update your kitchen in time for an upcoming event. Cabinet painting, redooring and refacing are also popular choices when preparing a home or rental property to place it on the market.  

Enhancing the look of your painted kitchen cabinets can be further achieved by adding functional accessories such as rollout trays, new hardware, and under-cabinet lighting. Rollout trays improve the usability of your cabinets by providing easy access to stored items, reducing clutter, and maximizing storage space. Upgrading to new hardware, like stylish handles and knobs, can complement the fresh paint and add a touch of elegance or modernity to your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting not only highlights the beauty of your newly painted cabinets but also improves visibility and ambiance in your workspace, making it more functional and inviting. Together, these additions can elevate the overall look and practicality of your kitchen, creating a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing environment. 

Hiring an expert cabinet painter offers numerous advantages over a DIY approach. Our Kitchen Tune-Up professionals bring extensive experience and skill, ensuring a beautiful, high-quality finish that can be challenging to achieve on your own. We use specialized tools and techniques to prepare the surface, apply the paint evenly, and prevent common issues like streaks or drips. Additionally, our expert painters have access to high-quality paints and materials that are more durable and long-lasting. We can also complete the project more efficiently, saving you time and the hassle of dealing with a complex, labor-intensive process. By hiring Kitchen Tune-Up, you gain peace of mind knowing that your cabinets will look their best and the job will be done right. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to discuss which service is right for you! 


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