Out of Love with Your Kitchen? Consider Cabinet Refacing

How’s your kitchen?

At Kitchen Tune-Up, we know many homes in our area have kitchens that no longer look or feel fresh. However, if your kitchen has a well-designed layout and sturdy, well-built cabinets–your kitchen is a great candidate for updating through refacing.

What is cabinet refacing?

When your kitchen no longer represents your style or the cabinet doors have seen better days, but the layout and condition of the cabinet boxes are good, then refacing can deliver the updated look and full-functioning cabinetry you need.

  • Cost-Effective: Refacing can be half the price of ripping everything out. It also keeps old cabinet boxes out of landfills.

  • Quick and Convenient: With refacing, you get new cabinet doors with soft-close hinges and drawer fronts (with the added option for new soft-close drawer boxes). The cabinet boxes stay where they are, and any part of the exposed box is covered in panels and veneer to match the new doors and drawers.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: We also paint the inner lip of the cabinet to match, so no one will know what your cabinets looked like previously. Depending on the style of existing doors, the new doors and drawers are often larger than the originals and cover more of the cabinet frame, further giving you an updated look.

  • Added Features: We add new decorative hardware, and you can change out the appliances, add a vent hood or an island, add pull-out trays or a spice pull-out, and change the counters and backsplash.

Can I customize everything?

Yes! You can choose almost any door style, wood species and stain, and door color in wood or laminate, just as you would for an entirely new kitchen. Two different color cabinets? No problem. A light wood rustic farmhouse look? We can do that. A very specific shade of blue? We can make it happen.

Can I make other changes to my kitchen while refacing?

Yes! Refacing offers a lot of flexibility. While your cabinets are being refaced, we can also look at increasing the size of your refrigerator, switching a microwave to a vent hood, reducing a bar to counter height, converting base cabinets with doors to drawers, making corner cabinets more useful, adding pet feeding stations, adding taller upper cabinets, and more. The real genius of refacing is how quickly we can get you into your new kitchen.

Can every kitchen be refaced?

While disintegrating cabinets aren’t good candidates for refacing, the Kentlands and the Lakelands cabinets are generally good quality and worth considering for a reface. We would love to explore your options with you.

You can reach me at svordick@kitchentuneup.com or find us at www.kitchentuneup.com

5 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Kitchen Tune-Up a licensed contractor? A: Yes, Kitchen Tune-Up is a fully licensed and insured home improvement contractor.

Q: Are cabinet refacing projects a good option for updating my kitchen? A: Yes, cabinet refacing projects are a quick, easy, and often less expensive path to a new kitchen.

Q: How long do cabinet refacing projects typically take? A: Most jobs are completed in five to ten days, minimizing mess and inconvenience for you, your family, and your pets.

Q: Does Kitchen Tune-Up offer services beyond cabinet refacing? A: Yes, we also offer "tune-ups" for stone countertops and wood-stained cabinets that no longer look fresh.

Q: Can Kitchen Tune-Up work within my budget and desired style? A: Absolutely! Kitchen Tune-Up works with suppliers in a range of price points and custom capabilities to create your desired look, budget, and schedule.

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