4 Kitchen Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

The kitchen is the centerpiece of every home. As centuries of kitchen design trends have gone by, we’ve seen a fair bit of eye-raising design choices (installing a work desk in the kitchen was a real trend that happened). Yet some design trends have never left us. There are kitchen designs that stand the test of time, regularly topping each year’s “hottest kitchen trends” lists. You’ll notice that these are the trends that have a practical use. Here are 4 of our favorite evergreen kitchen trends:


1. Wood in the Kitchen

 Wood is truly timeless. Once upon a time, it was one of the only building supplies available, along with stone and other natural materials. Yet over the years, even as technology and innovation have given us countless alternatives to wood, many people still gravitate to it. Wood makes any kitchen look cozy, rustic and classy.

Whether your eyes prefer oak, maple or pine, there’s bound to be a wood choice that completes your kitchen. Wood can be used to accent a more modern look or it can be the very heart of your kitchen’s design. Wood can be practical, too. Butcher block countertops and wood utensils are great, natural alternatives for people who prefer to have less plastic in their kitchen.


2. Task Lighting

 The kitchen needs good light, both for safety and comfort, but that doesn’t mean you have to default to having one big light in the center of the ceiling. Most kitchens have at least a little task lighting (think of the extra light right above the stove). Layered lighting can help give you focused light on the areas that need it the most like food prep areas and over the range.

Task lighting can help you save energy in your kitchen and it gives the whole room an extra layer of personality. Like other trends rooted in practicality, task lighting stands the test of time. Years down the road, you may find yourself wanting to swap out a lamp or two, but going back to the single ceiling-mount kitchen light design will never cross your mind.


3. Storage and Organization

 Kitchens get cluttered. It’s one of the most common problems homeowners have with their current kitchen layouts. It seems there’s never enough room for all the pots and pans in your set. And if you dared to purchase that bread maker? Then you’re really in trouble. That’s why designing for maximum storage is one of our favorite trends.

Open shelving helps make good use of otherwise “dead” space while still looking great. You can also maximize cabinet space and install drawer and cabinet organizers to maximize the storage space you already have. Kitchen Tune-Up can help you expand and organize your kitchen storage by installing new cabinets or organizational tools.


4. Practical kitchen islands

 Center islands have always been a great addition to any kitchen. They look sleek, they give the room personality, and they can be the perfect middle ground between open-air designs and walled-off rooms. Yet islands also have the potential to make your kitchen larger. Equipping a kitchen island with appropriate cabinetry or even a range or sink gives the island a level of practicality and can double your storage space.

In some cases, your kitchen island can even double as a table or a small bar! Casual seating is always in fashion and makes parties and family get-togethers much more comfortable. In addition to storage, islands are also an opportunity for extra power outlets and they make sure you have plenty of room for all your kitchen appliances, so you’ll no longer have to choose between that toaster oven and the rice maker.

Design the kitchen of your dreams

Can you see any of these trends finding a home in your new kitchen? Do you have other ideas you’d rather explore instead? Kitchen Tune-Up’s handy design tool can help you visualize your dream kitchen as you design. Test out different materials and arrangements until you find one you like.

Your local Kitchen Tune-Up team will be more than happy to help you narrow in your design ideas. Find a location near you and see why people trust us to deliver affordable quality kitchen updates.

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