Kitchen Tune-Up’s National Projects of the Month for October

With creativity and flair, Kitchen Tune-Up helped homeowners realize their goals of brighter, more functional kitchens with these National Project of the Month winners. Whether clients want to add storage, spruce up a tired look, or revamp the whole space, Kitchen Tune-Up has solutions for every need.


Terry & Cheryl Wojcickij
Port Huron, MI

Carefully chosen details take this kitchen from average to elegant. The client picked a recessed panel cabinet door in a subtle sandstone color, with artisan feather glazing. Chunky, dark door handles lend a modern touch. A new, tall crown molding on top of the cabinets adds height and class. The existing tile backsplash, its diamond pattern and sandy color lost beneath the old, dark cabinets, now coordinates beautifully with the new ones. 


Michael & Deanna Stratton
Reading, PA

Sometimes a small upgrade doesn’t quite get you where you planned to go. This homeowner installed a sparkling new backsplash that brought style and pattern to the kitchen, but realized that the existing oak cabinets were holding back the look. In came the Shaker cabinets in two tones, white satin for the upper cabinets and gauntlet supermatte, a medium gray, on the lower cabinets. The patterned backsplash now ties together the contrasting cabinet colors beautifully.


Chase & Elizabeth Vincent
Louisville, KY

Little storage and less charm—that’s how the homeowner felt about the “before” kitchen. Then the Vincents and their Kitchen Tune-Up team went to work, adding new base cabinets with convenient floating shelves inside and clean, white Shaker doors outside, plus new countertops creating plenty of work surface. 


Paulo & Karin Motoki
Coral Gables, FL

The homeowner bought new appliances—but realized they wouldn’t fit in the existing spaces in her kitchen. So she asked the Motokis not only to make room for the new appliances but also to upgrade to the look you see here. The original oak doors now are white Shaker doors, and the old cream-colored tile with heavy grouting is gone, replaced with white subway tile. The design uses the existing footprint but extends a new countertop over an added lower cabinet. 


Scott Deevers
Streetsboro, OH

The client, looking to put the house on the market, wanted a kitchen refurbishment to add storage and make the space more modern. The new cabinets are narrow Shaker style in a shade called linen. The old hinges and door handles looked busy, but the new hardware, with invisible hinges, is simple and unfussy. A modern lighting fixture with four small but bright pendant lamps brightens the entire kitchen. The gray walls make the cabinets stand out, while white walls above the cabinets catch the light and make the ceiling appear higher. 


Chase & Elizabeth Vincent
Louisville, KY

This dramatic change is all about contrast and functionality. The original dark cherry cabinets made the space feel small and outdated, so the new homeowner opted for white cabinets in today’s popular Shaker style. For a strong visual contrast, the backsplash is black matte subway tile. Removing the wall-mounted microwave freed space over the stove for a sleek, steel vent hood. The owner gained storage and counter space with the addition of a new center island, wrapped in pale gray accent wood.


Greg & Jill Mirise
Avon, IN

What a big difference a change in surfaces can make. Without altering the position of a single cabinet or appliance, this simple upgrade refreshes the whole kitchen. The client chose to have the light wood cabinets painted in extra white, and the countertops replaced with a rich, gray-flecked granite. For added texture, this upgrade replaces bland backsplash tiles with unusual hexagonal tiles. Against the white cabinets, the large, black handles provide contrast—and they’re easy to grip and use, too.

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