Kitchen Tune-Up’s Top Projects for August 2020

Kitchen Tune-Up turned homeowners’ kitchen dreams into realities with these August National Project of the Month achievements. Owners across the country showed how they upgrade dated, dark kitchens into modern, bright workspaces with the right cabinets, colors and details. 


Paul and Kathryn Jost Denver, CO The owners kept their cabinets’ original layout and profile, but refaced them in cool indigo blue, accented with simple bar handles. Look at the top of the “before” image—this project replaced wasted space above the upper cabinets with new storage space.

Trading the black backsplash and counters for white ones brightens the room. Switching out the black dishwasher for a steel one unifies the appliances with the cabinet hardware—a small touch showing attention to detail. To see the Josts’ Project Gallery, look here


Shane Noble Salt Lake City, UT This floor-to-ceiling upgrade modernizes and unifies the kitchen. The cabinet on the left looked dated, so the team added frosted glass and a cabinet door that matches the matte, navy blue Shaker cabinets.

New countertops and backsplash create a contemporary look. The remodel added more cabinets over the windows, new drawer boxes, and roll-out trays to make this kitchen as functional as it is great-looking. See more of the team’s great work on their website


Adam and Rachel Phillips Wichita, KS This ambitious project removed the wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room, opening up what had been a tiny, white kitchen and creating a large area for gathering, eating and cooking.

Elegant, pale, slate-grey cabinets contribute plenty of new storage and extra counter space, too. For a look at what the Wichita KTU is up to, see their website



Mike, Janice and Jesse Dugan Norton, MA The home was a new build. The homeowners wanted Kitchen Tune-Up to create their new kitchen from the start. When the contractor wouldn’t allow KTU to install cabinets but insisted on installing its own, the owners chose the cheapest option the builder had—and called in KTU to redesign the kitchen later.

The result is these dove-white and grey, beveled Shaker cabinets. Don’t miss the lovely glass-fronted cabinets near the ceiling, task lighting under the cabinets, and understated gray island. Check out the Dugans’ other work here on their website. 



Wes Steese Knoxville, TN The old cabinets, with raised center panels, needed an update, and the popular, simple Shaker style, in white, is a perfect choice. White countertops and backsplash get extra dazzle from the new under-cabinet lighting.

The island, originally repeating the same wood as all the cabinets, now has a contrasting, subtle color topped with a white counter. Hidden, convenient touches complete the change, like the pop-up socket tucked into the island. The Knoxville team is ready to show off its work on their website



Mike and Kim Damon Grafton, NE Even in limited space, the right cabinets and thoughtful design details make a big difference. Our “before” picture shows the small area stripped for a full refit. The “after” is simple, stylish, and modern.

Light gray Shaker cabinets make the space look taller while adding ample storage. The gooseneck faucet and curved handles add visual interest and shape. There’s a touch of pattern and contrast in the tile backsplash—making the most of a minimal amount of wall space.

The Grafton team offers a look at its other projects right here



Paul and Kathryn Jost Denver, CO Denver’s Josts bring home another award. In this deceptively simple kitchen, the owners chose to repaint existing cabinets rather than reface or replace them. The dull wood cabinets now sport a slightly glossy, charcoal finish that contrasts strongly with white countertops and walls for a dramatic effect.

Appliances in brushed steel and black keep the theme going, and trendy “floating” shelves let the homeowners display their collections. The Josts show their other work in their gallery.

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