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Kitchen Remodeling: The Ultimate Upgrade

It’s time to update your home with a kitchen renovation just for you! Bring your dream kitchen to life and choose the personalized colors, styles, features, and functions you've always wanted. 

Freshen up, fix up, and brighten up with the cabinetry experts at Kitchen Tune-Up. No matter what service is needed for your kitchen space, we can help  transform it  into your new favorite space in the house. Find a franchise location near you or complete the form to request a free design consultation & quote.   

Kitchen Cabinet Renovations

Cabinet renovations can dramatically transform the look and feel of any kitchen, providing a fresh update without the need for a complete overhaul. If you're considering updating your cabinets to create more storage space or seeking full cabinet redooring to refresh their appearance, there are several different options available. 

Custom cabinetry offers the perfect solution for homeowners looking to tailor their kitchen space to their preferences and needs, ensuring every inch is used efficiently. Cabinet refacing is another popular option, giving your kitchen design a new look by replacing the door fronts while keeping the existing cabinet boxes intact. For those on a budget, cabinet painting can be an effective way to breathe new life into tired or outdated cabinets with a new color. Each of these methods can work in harmony to achieve the aesthetic and functional goals of your kitchen renovation, making your cabinets not just storage solutions, but focal points of your home's heart.

Original Tune-Up

Cabinet Redooring

Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Refacing

Custom Cabinets


Kitchen Tune-Up of Phoenix, Central Valley: Kitchen Refacing and Remodeling Experts in Phoenix and Nearby Areas

We are a customer driven organization that exists to bring joy into our customers’ homes by delivering the kitchens of their dreams. We provide an environment of growth and development for our employees placing key focus on training, coaching and career advancement. We are built on trust, integrity, respect and quality and strive to be a model organization for our community.

- Takia Livingston, Owner

Welcome to Kitchen Tune-Up Bloomfield, NJ. Update. Upgrade. Uplift. Do these all sound like things your kitchen needs? At Kitchen Tune-Up, our team works with you to achieve your dream kitchen. What colors and styles do you like? What features and functions do you want? Together, we can create a space you love. 

Our team of experts will provide you with a kitchen update that matches your desires at an investment you are comfortable with. Locally owned and operated, our team lives in your community and understands the needs of homeowners in the area. We are backed and supported by our national franchise system, so whatever your style or needs, Kitchen Tune-Up Bloomfield, NJis equipped to help you find the solutions that will make your kitchen an inviting and functional space. 

Specializing in ways to upgrade kitchens and cabinetry, we offer 1 Day wood restoration, cabinet painting, cabinet redooring, refacing, and custom cabinets. Update, upgrade, and uplift your kitchen with Kitchen Tune-Up.  

Whether your wood cabinets need a Tune-Up, you envision a new modern door style, or a completely new layout and redesign, our Kitchen Tune-Up team makes the process of updating your kitchen enjoyable and hassle-free.  

Call or click today to schedule your free consultation to learn more about the ways Kitchen Tune-Up can open up the possibilities for your kitchen. 

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Projects by Kitchen Tune-Up Bloomfield, NJ

The projects you see here are all real remodeling jobs, in homes like yours. They’re not fantasy pictures of designer showrooms—they’re kitchens families use every day. These projects, by Kitchen Tune-Up locations around the country, show how we tailor remodeling to fit homeowners’ unique needs and realistic budgets!

This homeowner was selling her home and wanted to get the most bang for her buck. This was a full custom kitchen with new floors, new countertop and white shaker style cabinets.

We wanted to create an airy feel since this was a small enclosed space. They got about 40% over asking for the home and this was the only room in the home that was updated. She was very pleased with her update and recently contacted us to ultimately update her new home that she bought.

A stunning cabinet painting job that complete changed the look of this kitchen. White paint added to all of the details of the original wood cabinets left the space looking completely new and different. 

Another great wood to white cabinet painting project from our team in Bloomfield, NJ. White cabinets, new white tile backsplash and new countertops left the once dated kitchen looking sleek and new! 

A subtle but stunning nonetheless cabinet painting project. The off-white kitchen looked slightly dated from the cabinet color, so our team painted them a bright white to update the look to something more currently while keeping the style of their kitchen.  

A wood to white cabinet painting project done in Bloomfield, NJ. The original honey oak doors were given a coat of white paint and new hardware to clean up the space and make it look revived! 

Our exclusive one day Tune-Up process used on wood cabinets that were experiencing some serious wear around the doorknobs. Our team restored the vibrance and cleanliness, leaving the doors looking like new.  

A rare refacing project where white shaker is the door being replaced! Dark oak slab doors were added to match the contemporary feel of this condo. The other existing elements of the kitchen meshed perfectly with this new selection.  

White to white cabinet redooring project in Bloomfield, NJ. Raised panel doors updated to white shaker with new pulls. Backsplash and counters also updated for a complete transformation. 

This cabinet painting project involved taking the original oak shaker doors and painting the wrought iron for a whole new look. The addition of trendy white subway tile backsplash was the perfect contrast to the new style.  


Bring Your Vision to Life

Check out our virtual kitchen Design Tool and design your dream kitchen from top to bottom and everything in between; you can move things around, try out different cabinet styles and finishes, choose countertop and flooring options and more. Paint the walls with one click and design the kitchen in your favorite style. 

Design Your Dream Kitchen
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Your kitchen project, your style and your design are of utmost importance to us at Kitchen Tune-Up. In order to ensure we are doing everything we can to deliver for you, we have developed our customer service Trustpoints. Our local franchise owners and their teams of Tunifiers apply these Trustpoints to every kitchen project to ensure your expectations are not only met, but exceed. These standards ensure that you have total confidence in our ability to take care of you and your home.


We listen carefully. Our locally owned team will develop an organized plan and fulfill all the terms of the agreement.


We communicate. Communication is key, and our team strives to always return calls within 24 hours.


We respect your home. We will protect the work area and clean up after ourselves daily.


We arrive on time. We respect your need for dependable scheduling. 


We provide solutions. If anything comes up that we could not anticipate, we work out a mutually agreeable solution.