Transforming Columbus Ohio Kitchens: Cabinet Refacing and Island Addition

Brightening Up a Columbus Home

When it comes to kitchen transformations, Kitchen Tune-Up Columbus stands out as a premier design remodeling firm. Our expertise lies in creating functional and beautiful spaces that enhance the heart of the home. In this case study, we explain how we collaborated with a Columbus Ohio homeowner to update her kitchen and add functionality, making it an inviting place to spend time with family and friends.

The Challenge: A Dated Kitchen

The homeowner’s existing kitchen featured cool white cabinets and lacked and island with seating. The goal was to create a fresh, welcoming space that combined aesthetics with practicality.

Custom Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Tune-Up specializes in cabinet refacing, a process that breathes new life into existing cabinetry. For this project, they took the following steps:

  1. New Doors and Drawer Fronts: The team replaced all cabinet doors and drawer fronts. The homeowner chose the shaker door style in a soft floral white.
  2. Soft-Close Hinges and Drawer Glides: Functionality matters. Kitchen Tune-Up installed soft-close hinges and drawer glides, ensuring smooth and quiet operation.

Adding an Island for Storage and Seating

To maximize storage and functionality, the team added a custom island. Here’s how they did it:

  1. Design and Layout: Kitchen Tune-Up collaborated with the homeowner to design an island that seamlessly integrated with the existing kitchen. The island would serve as both a prep area and a gathering spot.
  2. Custom Cabinets: They crafted custom cabinets for the island, matching the shaker style of the existing cabinetry. These cabinets provided additional storage for pots, pans, and other kitchen essentials.
  3. Countertop Selection: The new island countertop featured gold and amber veining, adding a touch of elegance. It became the focal point of the kitchen, complementing the soft floral white cabinetry.
  4. Seating Area: The homeowner wanted a place for casual dining and entertaining. Kitchen Tune-Up extended one side of the island to create a comfortable seating area. The addition of bar stools transformed the island into a social hub.

Results: A Bright, Functional Kitchen

The transformation was remarkable. The kitchen now exudes warmth and sophistication. The custom island not only increased storage but also provided a cozy spot for family and friends to gather. The soft-close features and elegant hardware elevated the overall experience.

Kitchen Tune-Up’s ability to blend custom remodeling with cabinet refacing allowed them to meet the homeowner’s needs precisely. Whether it’s updating an island, refreshing cabinets, or creating a whole new kitchen, their expertise shines through.

If you’re in Columbus, Ohio, and dreaming of a kitchen makeover, consider Kitchen Tune-Up. Their commitment to quality, personalized design, and functional solutions sets them apart.

Remember, a well-designed kitchen isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about making life easier and more enjoyable. Kitchen Tune-Up Columbus understands this balance and delivers exceptional results for their clients.


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