Kitchen Redesign: Finding the Right Countertops for your Kitchen

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Choosing the right style of countertop for your kitchen can be a critical element to help bring the whole space together. With so many options for materials, colors and styles, there is sure to be an option for everyone’s preferences. Navigating these big decisions can be tough. But not to worry! Kitchen Tune-Up Gilbert, AZ is here to help make sure you select the right style to fit your aesthetic as well as your lifestyle!

A great starting point for finding the perfect countertops is assessing what it is you need for your lifestyle. Are you busy and on the go? Or are you starting your mornings off slow with a cup of coffee. Do you enjoy cooking and spending a lot of time chopping and cooking? Do you use your kitchen as a gathering space for friends and family? Understanding your desired upkeep and daily habits will help guide you towards the perfect materials for your lifestyle.

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Aside from functionality, the next step is to take a look at your aesthetic preferences!Whether you’re someone who prefers function over style, or you’re someone who takes their style and color schemes very seriously, everyone has a preference whether they realize it or not. Do you prefer the modern sleek style? Or do you prefer a more rustic farmhouse look for your kitchen. And if you’re not sure, you can always check out the “DesignTool” tab on the Kitchen Tune-Up Gilbert, AZ website to help you narrow down your options!

Ensuring you select the right material for your home is an important part of making sure you have a kitchen that works for you. While you may prefer the style of a certain countertop, you may find that the material is not what is going to be best for your home. While you may enjoy the natural beauty of granite, you may find you actually prefer something more low maintenance, like quartz. And if you want something more budget-friendly, laminate countertops may be the option for you. Each material has its own strengths and pros to consider. Our variety of materials can also be found on our “Countertops” tab under “Our Services.”

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Now to the most fun. Picking the perfect color for your kitchen can be overwhelming, but the right choice is sure to bring your whole kitchen together! Certain materials can give you more options than others. Options like laminate, tile, and solid surface will give you the most options when it comes to color selection. Starting with deciding if color is more important or if texture is more important can help you narrow down which material is the way to go in your kitchen.

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Last but not least, it always comes down to budget. You’ve almost certainly mapped out a certain amount of money that you want to spend on your dream kitchen. Certain materials are more expensive than others. Quartz, marble, and stainless steel will be on the pricier end, while tile and laminate are on the lower cost side. Regardless, all of your Kitchen Tune-Up Gilbert, AZ options will offer you both style and functionality!
Establishing a clear budget before you begin this process will help you narrow down your options.

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Finding the right style for your countertops is such an exciting journey. Narrowing down your wants and needs when it comes to functionality, appearance, and cost are the critical points to hit when making this decision. By looking at your day-to-day routines and the lifestyle you lead, you can make a smart and informed decision that makes your life easier and brings your dream kitchen to reality! And don’t worry, whatever countertop you pick, Kitchen Tune-Up Gilbert, AZ is here to help!

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