Service Highlight: The Original Tune-Up

Is your kitchen in need of a face-lift? Looking for something new to prepare those family dinners? If your kitchen is experiencing some wear and tear after several years, the original tune-up service from Kitchen Tune-Up Gilbert, AZ may be for you! It’s time to bring your kitchen cabinets back to life!

With budget-friendly options to give you a quick facelift, our original tune-up includes wood reconditioning to restore your existing wood cabinets. No need to start from scratch with a full remodel, you can work with what you have! We’ll also ensure we get the project done in one day!


The process starts by breaking down dirt, removing all that build-up of dirt, grease, dust, and everything in between. From there, a touch-up is done to blend the area where there may be some discoloration. But the process doesn’t stop there. A special penetrating oil is applied to restore those dried-out wood fibers, making your cabinets look brand new! The original tune-up also provides the option to change out your cabinet hardware for a refreshed look.



The tune-up process of restoring your cabinets is much more concise than cabinet refacing. The goal of a tune-up is not to make your cabinets unrecognizable, but rather use our high quality craftsmanship to bring life back to your original cabinets. If you’re not looking to commit to the time and pricing of a refacing - a tune-up may be the perfect option for you!



Give yourself a kitchen that’s just for you in a sustainable and affordable fashion. Sometimes a total overhaul isn’t needed, and a face-life is all you need to get your kitchen back to the kitchen you deserve. We are committed to giving you a beautiful, functional, and sustainable space. Bring life back to your cabinets. Contact Kitchen Tune-Up Gilbert, AZ today for a FREE in-home consultation!


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