Dave and Cindy Haglund founded Kitchen Tune-Up in 1988 in Aberdeen, South Dakota, where the home office remains today. Several members of the Haglund family have been involved in the family business, including Dave and Cindy’s daughter, Heidi Morrissey, who became president of Kitchen Tune-Up in 2017 after serving as vice president of marketing & sales since 2003.  Heidi oversees franchise training and serves as a trusted contact for our franchise partners.

Our Story

“I wish I could keep my cabinets looking new forever.” This was the wish of one of Dave Haglund’s custom cabinet clients. Always one to put customer service first, Dave set out to create a process to keep wood surfaces looking fresh and new. In 1986 he did just that. He decided to call his groundbreaking service a “Kitchen Tune-Up.”

It wasn’t long before business was booming and people were talking about this Tune-Up wood restoration process. They recommended it to their friends and family, and many were amazed by what a difference a simple Tune-Up could make. After seeing how much of a difference this service made both to their clients and their homes, they decided to create a business model to help other people offer this service in their communities.

In 1988, Kitchen Tune-Up sold its first franchise. Over the years, and with the help of many talented franchise owners, the Kitchen Tune-Up system expanded to include cabinet refacing, redooring, custom cabinets, storage solutions and more. Dave and Cindy love to hear franchise owners tell stories of their successes and valued clients, and to read the comments of the thousands of satisfied customers that pour into our website every year.

Over the years, Kitchen Tune-Up has received many awards and accolades for being an industry leader in home improvement. But there is one acknowledgement that Dave and Cindy have received that stands out from all the rest. On the 20th anniversary of Kitchen Tune-Up in 2008, the entire franchise system presented them with a two-week, all-expenses-paid cruise to Norway. Dave and Cindy are honored to be part of such a generous and giving system.


  • Extremely pleased with results!
    - Nancy L. (Jacksonville, FL)
  • Very positive experience with nice results.
    - Linda K. (Ashland, MA)
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