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Achieving your dream kitchen doesn’t have to break the budget. If financing is an important factor in moving forward with your project, Kitchen Tune-Up has you covered. 

We have multiple payment and financing options to pay for your kitchen makeover (subject to credit approval). If you’ve been putting off remodeling your kitchen because you thought there wasn’t an affordable option, think again! 

Financing Options Available 

Kitchen Tune-Up provides simple and comprehensive financing options for our clients. It only takes a few minutes to apply and can be done during your consultation. 

Kitchen Tune-Up has teamed up with some of the best finance companies in the country to offer many options with low rates, easy payment terms, no down payments even ZERO interest, and we’re happy to discuss those options during your consultation.

Filling out the application and getting approved is simple. It takes very little time – a few minutes at most. We can do it together during a home consultation (which is of no cost to you and comes with no obligation to purchase). We can go over your kitchen remodeling financing options together and provide you with any information you may want regarding the cost of loans or whatever fees you may need to pay. 

Request a free virtual or in-home consultation today. 

Comparative Shopping of Kitchen Cabinet Financing Done for You 

To get the best price and payment terms for your loan, you typically would need to shop around various financing companies and loan institutions. To save you the time and headache of doing this, we have partners that can check all your options and make your comparative shop quick with an easy-to-use form. 

The kitchen remodeling financing options that are available to you will depend on your credit score, the amount of the loan or loans, the purpose of the loans, and the duration of the loans. 

Approval is subject to our third-party lenders’ guidelines; but generally speaking, if you have good credit, are employed full time, you can be approved with favorable terms, and get your kitchen cabinetry project in motion today. 

Financing Kitchen Cabinets From $99 to $299 a Month 

There are many loan options at your disposal. Our examples of $99 to $299 are based on a typical Kitchen Tune-Up project that is priced at $5,000 to $30,000 and for a payment duration from 60 to 180 months at 6.99% interest. 

Request a free, no obligation consultation today to see if you qualify  

Ask us about our ZERO down, ZERO Payments and ZERO interest options for up to 24 months.

Projects that are smaller in scope and in price will have lower monthly payments, and vice versa. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies will be approved, but we do have solutions for a wide range of credit scores. When you speak with your design consultant (either during a free virtual or a free in-home consultation), make sure to take your time and ask them for details. 


The Benefits of Our Financing Methods 

Our financing options for kitchen projects were designed to give you suitable possibilities and make paying for your dream kitchen both affordable and easy to do. You are welcome to explore and review all of your options before getting started with your kitchen remodeling project. 

Virtual or In-Home Consultation 

You can request an appointment with one of our design consultants. This consultation is free and has no obligation to make a purchase. During your consultation, you can ask follow-up questions if something is unclear to ensure you are provided all of the information you may need during your purchase decision. 

We will also explore any of our services that may interest you so that you are review all options to achieve your dream kitchen. Financing options can also be reviewed at this time for those interested in utilizing that option.