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    Corby & Lori Walker


    Before starting with Kitchen Tune-Up, Corby oversaw construction costs and budgeting for a residential developer. Working smart to keep costs “in check” has always been a priority, whether the projects are big or small. At this residential developer, he met his wife/business partner, Lori, working with the marketing development group. He and Lori have precise attention to detail, strong work ethics, and a desire to make your home more beautiful and your experience with our team enjoyable! Yes, renovating can be fun!

    As parents of two girls, we understand the mess and stress that can result from updating a home. With Kitchen Tune-Up, we found the perfect solution for busy families who want to update their homes. We work with you, offering custom solutions to meet your needs. If you haven’t heard about the possibility of updating your kitchen in less than a week, we would love to talk to you about our fast and affordable updates.

    Check out these reviews of Kitchen Tune-Up Grapevine, TX!

    "It was such a pleasure to work with this company. Lori took my order and Corby came out and installed everything. He went above and beyond which I really appreciated the extra things he did. Would definitely recommend to friends." - Debra M.

    "The work was done very efficiently and turned out great. It was completed in less time than was estimated." - Debbie G.

    "I am so happy I hired this company for a kitchen remodel. I had a specific outcome in mind, Corby and Lori were so great at making it a reality. My cabinets are now at ceiling-height with glass doors and they have very smooth and sleek design. LED lights run through the top cabinets and had room for the extra appliances to be added. The team is so professional, I did not face any inconvenience and they gave a progress update at the end of each day, which I appreciated a lot. I had the remodel done in ten days and got the kitchen I always wanted." - Aisha B.

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