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Projects by Kitchen Tune-Up Jackson, MS

The projects you see here are all real remodeling jobs, in homes like yours. They’re not fantasy pictures of designer showrooms—they’re kitchens families use every day. These projects, by Kitchen Tune-Up locations around the country, show how we tailor remodeling to fit homeowners’ unique needs and realistic budgets!

This white-to-white cabinet redooring updated the existing style. From raised panel doors to trendy white shaker and new pulls, all other elements of the kitchen remained and meshed with the new door profile while still giving it a new look.  

A sleek refacing project, replacing the original white raised panel doors with Gibraltar colored slab doors and brushed nickel pulls. The new door profiles and color meshed well with the existing counters and backsplash.  

A simple but effecting white to white redooring project with new raised panel doors, hidden hinges and new hardware. Glass panel doors also removed to give a cleaner appearance.  

A huge improvement was in store for this originally Kelly green kitchen. Our team redoored the flat panel green doors with slab doors painted moreno and added new pulls for better accessibility. New Formica counters replaced the tiled countertops and eliminating the remaining green off of the walls made the space look much more modern.

Wood to wood cabinet redooring project in Jackson, MS. Dated recessed panel doors were replaced with walnut raised panel doors and new hardware. New granite counters and tile backsplash installed, along with new appliances. 

An amazing transformation featuring our cabinet redooring service. Wood cabinets replaced with two-tone doors – white raised panel for the uppers, sage for the base cabinets. New counters and tile backsplash completed this transformation.

This redoor drastically improved the look of this kitchen. Dated wood doors and clunky hardware were replaced with our exclusive Haglundridge shaker door along with new pulls to created a clean new style. New appliances also installed.