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Our South Arlington, TX Team

  • Palmers - About Us

    Chris & Laura Palmer


    Chris and Laura reside in North Texas and are local owners of Kitchen Tune-Up, serving South Arlington, Mansfield, and surrounding communities. They have five adult children and now enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. Before joining the Kitchen Tune-Up family, Chris had a career in consulting and building technology solutions for clients. Laura and Chris both share a creative passion for unique design and quality craftmanship.

  • Perez and Ernita Burrow - About Us

    Perez & Ernita Burrows


    Perez and Ernita have been married for 19 years. With a bustling household of four children, aged 4 to 13, there is never a dull moment! Perez, with a strong foundation in finance accounting and real estate, and Ernita, rooted in education and counseling, bring their combined passions to the Kitchen Tune-Up family. They find joy in home renovation and design, and a shared love for transforming houses into homes.

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